Be Strict with Yourself

          When you are not ‘clear’ do not act. Be strict with yourself. Then there is no pressure. Truly realize that you are not the doer. If you realize that all burdens fall off your shoulders and you will become more efficient, more strongly motivated and lighter. Forget about past. Put all concentration on what work is now at hand. Observe more silence. Really go within for peace you seek outside.

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When the Heart is Pure

          When the heart is pure the instrument can be fully used for healing as such. Only the personality needs to be polished. Many have polished personalities and this attracts others but the interior is lacking. Look past each other’s faults and flaws.

        You need not focus on the attachments you have towards him. This is not the way to break attachments. FOCUS ON THE LOVE, the incredible, bountiful love which is within you, so powerful, so strong and so gentle.

Shree Vasant Paranjpe in the Homa farm "Shreedham" in Algodonales, Spain.

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Quiet Your Mind


              Why always thinking? Just let the mind be still. So you do your Mantra intensely next few days. Prayer and meditation will take you higher and you have answers to all the problems.

         Put all concentration on Mantra. Cleanse yourself of all, all negative thoughts and emotions. Let it all go. There is so much more involved here. It is not all that meets the eye but much deeper.

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Agnihotra Neutralizes the Effects of Radioactivity


           Do not concentrate on the negative aspects of people. Concentrate on positive. In discovering faults in yourself let that not deter you, let it inspire you. Make the effort to rid yourself of your faults and you will be rewarded with their gradual disappearance if you practise your disciplines faithfully. Everything depends on your own efforts. You can be given one hundred indications in dreams and visions but if you yourself do not make efforts to follow them, progress will be dulled.
          Do not think, “What will be”. Focus on what already is i.e. “Be here and now”. Meditate 2 to 3 minutes before meal. No worry. No fear. Only love now.
          Relax, move and turn off the worries and anxieties just as if you had a faucet and turn off water that was flowing out. Then replace those thoughts, worries, fears with REPETITION OF HOLY NAME. Continue reading “Agnihotra Neutralizes the Effects of Radioactivity”

Give Children a Strong Foundation

               A child who is given a strong foundation will do well growing up, even in the world today. Just because we face disaster coming in various natural phenomena, this does not mean we cannot turn our thoughts and our attention to our children. Give them all love and total acceptance. This does not mean you let them do anything they want. Discipline should be firm but never harsh. Try to stay away from any physical punishment as regular form of discipline. Try to use reason in any approach towards your child. Write stories with your child, draw, play music, dance, sing. Do not think of the world coming to an end. It is not like that. Be positive and nurture your child’s creativity and natural curiosity. Be full of love with your children.

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You Have Been Given the Key to a Treasure Chest

         It is like inside there is a treasure chest full of diamonds and gold and you are asked simply to go inside and open it. You have been given the key and again reminded of that key. All you have to do is go inside and open the treasure chest. You continue looking outside for answer. Go inside and you find more than answers.

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Cast no Blame

               Best is to cast no blame and seek for the answers why within. To blame another for a fate which has befallen you is to refuse to look within. Then how can you learn your lessons? You look from a higher perspective and you will realize there is no need to blame anyone. If it is too much to bear, lay it at Our Feet and it will be lifted from you.

              Surrender all fears to HE who has sent you. It is HE who sent us to you.

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Transformation of Mind

            Transformation of mind comes even with very little effort. Have faith. Do not judge. Have patience. Do not find fault. Have humility. Be grateful. All the time grateful.

           Only thing you can do is to improve yourself. You cannot work out another person’s Karma. Even if you see exactly what must be done for that person to improve – whether quitting pot, improving eating habits, etc. – still you cannot do it for him. All you can do is work on yourself.

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Agnihotra is the Way

           Agnihotra is the way. People will begin to see now. They can easily feel the tremendous peace that comes by Grace by its mere performance alone.

         The shape of the Agnihotra pyramid should not be interfered with. Now we have to be more subtle with YAJNYA. Time is crucial. Times are desperate. In order to get the optimum effect from Agnihotra, the shape of the pyramid should be intact.

           To rise much higher with single effort do all actions out of love. Discipline your children out of love. The child will feel that and it will adhere to the discipline much quicker because it senses love is behind that. You can be firm but still be gentle.

             Respect each other no matter how harsh a criticism seems. LOOK TO THE SOUL NOT TO THE PERSONALITY. All are being lifted now. No one is at fault. There is no reason for blame.

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