Listen Only to Your Inner Voice

          Know that you are only here to fulfill the holy will of the highest God. Know this and refuse all else that is negative so that your life becomes simple. Listen only to your inner voice which is always louder to guide you. You need courage, confidence, affirmation and firm will to reach higher. Then you can not go wrong and the highest laurels will be yours. Do not ever look behind you. Always look in front, at your goal.

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Jorge Cabrera Arca’s Healing

In two months I will be 80 years old. As background information, I have been a heavy smoker for more than 30 years. I usually smoked 2 packets of cigarettes a day and on weekends and holidays, I smoked close to 3 packets.

I need to say that during those 30 years I also worked spraying agro-chemicals in the fields from a small plane. At first, this was done with the torso exposed to the air. Later, the cockpit was covered, and this was even more dangerous, because the fumes concentrated in the cabin. These gases are highly toxic. So I got a throat cancer and I had surgery 10 years ago.

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No Allergy From Homa Vegetables (Brinjals)

Mrs. Manisha Sonwane has an allergy to the brinjals* which she brings from the market. If she eats those brinjals her throat gets swollen & becomes red. Then she has to visit the doctor.

She is my neighbour. When I visited her to give her my garden brinjals she told me of her allergy. I told her not to worry, just try these brinjals. She cooked those brinjals and ate them. But to her surprise, no symptoms of allergy. And instead of going to the doctor both husband and wife came to our home asking us which brinjals I gave her. Continue reading “No Allergy From Homa Vegetables (Brinjals)”