Listen Only to Your Inner Voice

          Know that you are only here to fulfill the holy will of the highest God. Know this and refuse all else that is negative so that your life becomes simple. Listen only to your inner voice which is always louder to guide you. You need courage, confidence, affirmation and firm will to reach higher. Then you can not go wrong and the highest laurels will be yours. Do not ever look behind you. Always look in front, at your goal.

           Attachment breeds misery. Let go of the attachment and the cloud is lifted. Already it has been lifted.

              Work all the time. All the time. Let those others see how you are planning, working like that. Then they have more respect for what you are doing. There is little time left.

               Organized religious institutions are losing their flock. We do not speak bad about any religion or religious organization. We say, whatever makes you happy in your life, that you follow, but follow diligently and with all your heart.

              Community must come up in every place where Agnihotris are doing the work.

               Now many people who formerly practised Agnihotra, those who have left, will come back. As the world becomes more difficult they will realise. We welcome them with compassion. We must not judge another’s errors, not criticise their decisions. Try not to find fault in others and you will be free of guilt and this disturbance on the mind.

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