The Only Way to Survive

  The only way to survive will be living off the land itself and in a Homa atmosphere, everything will prosper.
We have to be direct and sharp at this point in time as there is very little time left.

Now we put emphasis on healing. The HOMA atmosphere is what makes our gifts come to the fore. Fire cleanses the cobwebs of self-doubt and ego that can spoil a healthy spirit. We know this. We have seen it many times.
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Nature, Pristine, Undisturbed is Perfect

    If we look at Nature without man, just Nature in its most pristine, undisturbed state, it is perfect.

 The entire Nature functions on action/reaction, predator/prey balance – The law of Karma. It is only thrown out of balance by man. Man is the only living physical occupant of the planet that has the power of choice – the ability to use intellect to make decisions. As we look around us, we can see the incredibly poor decisions man has made regarding short term benefits of technology without regard for the long term environmental implications. Plants and animals are disappearing at alarming rates. Continue reading “Nature, Pristine, Undisturbed is Perfect”

Shree Vasant’s Message at Conference on Atmospheric Healing, Shivapuri, Akkalkot, India, Christmas 1983

    In this world at present the forces of evil are very powerful. Human greed and avarice have led to destruction of environment via pollution of every element which makes up our environment. Our land resources, water resources, the air we breathe – all are polluted. This contaminates the food that we eat, the very soil in which we sow seeds to grow our own food. Something must be done. So we must become involved in environmental studies and groups which are pushing to prevent such destruction of environment. It is important. Now we need to introduce a solution to the problem as well.
The solution is Agnihotra.
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Pranayama and Hatha Yoga

On Pranayama and Hatha Yoga
Pranayama greatly affects the mind now, especially when it is done in the period immediately following Agnihotra in that atmosphere where the fire is still ablaze. It helps strengthen the mind, the power of discrimination. It does this noticeably and immediately if done regularly and with concentration. It is healing to the body and especially to the mind and one may find effects like a “high” if practiced correctly with concentration and intensity. Pranayama becomes extremely important, extremely beneficial from now. Also some Hatha yoga could be done by everyone. Not much is necessary, just enough to keep the body supple.
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On Agnihotra

Agnihotra is merely a stepping stone in one’s spiritual development. Agnihotra prepares the mind for the dawning of higher knowledge. In enables the mind to be free, to be clear-thinking, by scientific methods as given through Vedas. It is so simple and the cost is minimal. You pay nothing except to purchase one copper pyramid-shaped pot. The supplies to be burned are very inexpensive and simple to obtain. Nothing is required. This was given and shall always continue to be given. Continue reading “On Agnihotra”

Gratification of Desires

On Desires

By pursuit of material wealth of all sorts and by all means, one may experience plentifully the avenues of ‘enjoyment.’ However, one thing is absolutely certain. You can never be happy until you renounce them all and eliminate your desires for such enjoyment. It is the burden of desires that makes us unhappy. Being attached to material things that one has and hankering after things one does not have is the surest way to make all life miserable. Continue reading “Gratification of Desires”

More Contact Now with Other Galaxies

On other galaxies
One interesting thing is that there is more contact now between our planet and other galaxies. If you look into this subject, you will find an enormous store of information never before published or disclosed which governments of the world are privy to. There are plans to corrupt the atmosphere so that these planetary communications can be halted. Planetary communications which come without words but with great influx of energies all directed toward the healing of this planet. Continue reading “More Contact Now with Other Galaxies”