Pranayama and Hatha Yoga

On Pranayama and Hatha Yoga
Pranayama greatly affects the mind now, especially when it is done in the period immediately following Agnihotra in that atmosphere where the fire is still ablaze. It helps strengthen the mind, the power of discrimination. It does this noticeably and immediately if done regularly and with concentration. It is healing to the body and especially to the mind and one may find effects like a “high” if practiced correctly with concentration and intensity. Pranayama becomes extremely important, extremely beneficial from now. Also some Hatha yoga could be done by everyone. Not much is necessary, just enough to keep the body supple.

On the Importance of Yajnya
The principles of life must be restarted now on this earth. All life must be made aware that Yajnya is necessary to survive. We withdraw nutrients from the environment; they must somehow be replaced.
Yajnya is the means.
The earth is wasting away. Yajnya is the only way to save it.

On Agnihotra pyramid
During Agnihotra much of the energy is expelled upward and somewhat to the East. If one is ill, one should ideally sit close to the pyramid and face West i.e. opposite the one performing Agnihotra.

One should leave the ash in the Agnihotra pyramid until the next Agnihotra. If one can deal with discipline, only the right hand should be used in removing the ash from the pyramid and only with Mantra or proper thought.

The Agnihotra pyramid need not be mishandled. No need to bang it against another object. It also has not to be thoroughly cleaned like by scrubbing or such thing. THE IDEA IS TO TRY TO KEEP THE AGNIHOTRA PYRAMID SHAPE INTACT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

On Children
The children are blessed. They are to lead the world to its salvation. Children know and understand far more, far deeper than we realize. Let the voice of the children be heard. They are the real prophets.

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  1. Buenas noches, Me gustaría mucho recomenzar con la práctica del Agnihotra, es un ritual muy beneficioso para todos los aspectos de la vida

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