Swaraj Goodary, Grand Gaube, Mauritius, Africa

Mr. Swaraj Goodary
Grand Gaube, Mauritius, Africa

Agnihotra has come as a blessing to us. There has been a good sanskar* established in our small family.  We get together with the kids every evening for the practice of Agnihotra.
They have learned the Mantras and are eager to participate.
(Photo: Our daughters practicing Tryambakam Homa.)

         On relation to the material side, and my work, I have noticed good progress and peace of mind.

(*Sanskar is a process of increasing the potential in ourselves. The word ‘sanskar’ has multiple meanings, such as – to improve, to purify, to remove shortcomings in an object and to endow a new, attractive form to it. In short, the process by which positive qualities in man are developed and enhanced is known as a sanskar.)

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