Christmas Message from Shree Vasant

December 25, 2021 Shree Vasant
(as received via Parvati in meditation)

Imagine that you are carrying a precious lamp able to light the world. If each of you would realize your fullest potential, you would surely move forward with no hesitation into the darkest of nights.

And that Light has the power to pierce through the darkness and shine forth for all to see.

Fear is of the darkness. Fear is not from the Light. Therefore, do not give into fear nor be consumed by doubts or worry.

Every day polish this lamp, so the Light which shines through shines bright and clear. To polish this lamp of love, see to it that your mind affirms the Holy. See to it that your thoughts, words and deeds be purified by practice of Tapa.

Be patient with yourself and others.

If you have the opportunity to bless, always bless.

Always practice deep, abiding forgiveness.

Those of you blessed to have walked upon Fivefold Path have been given all tools for a happy life.

All love and blessings.


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