The Only Way to Survive

  The only way to survive will be living off the land itself and in a Homa atmosphere, everything will prosper.
We have to be direct and sharp at this point in time as there is very little time left.

Now we put emphasis on healing. The HOMA atmosphere is what makes our gifts come to the fore. Fire cleanses the cobwebs of self-doubt and ego that can spoil a healthy spirit. We know this. We have seen it many times.

In a HOMA atmosphere these tendencies are reduced. At the beginning or during a certain time it seems that these tendencies accelerate and even, it seems that the person has more ego but this is only a phase that passes… Continue doing the fires and see the changes that come naturally.

We have to tell you now that IT IS NECESSARY TO MAKE EFFORT IN THE AREA OF PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT in order to evolve from this point. This is for everyone. There is no exception. The fifth aspect of the Fivefold Path is Swadhyaya, self-study.

Self-study does not mean self-analysis. What can a person achieve by constantly examining himself with a critical eye? He may just fall into a cycle of self-blame and shame where he won’t gain anything from in the end. Through careful self-study, observing the mind and how it affects our moods, our ideas, our well-being, one begins to see where one needs to improve without blaming oneself and without feeling ashamed. We are aware that there are no perfect human beings except beings that are fully evolved and these are indeed very few. So, if there are no perfect human beings, from every point of view, it follows that self-improvement is necessary to evolve.

If one observes one’s own behavior with an eagle eye and remains open to suggestions from others who are sincere in their effort to help, then one can evolve and overcome even the most difficult character flaws. If we are constantly defending ourselves against what appears to be criticism from others of our behavior that others find offensive, then the effort is wasted.

If a humble man is given a suggestion to improve himself, whether or not this suggestion is valid, he is grateful for the opportunity and uses it to look within himself, improve his character, and be a better instrument of the Divine. This, therefore, is the best attitude to take. Also, the accuser may not know his own worth.

Someone can tell you something that can be unpleasant to hear about yourself, and if that person means well, it can be helpful. But even if the other persons’ intention is not 100% admirable, that doesn’t matter. Anyway, one can look at it as an opportunity to evolve. Divinity can work through all avenues.

If one is hearing the same suggestion, repeatedly, or the same comment by others, then it is probably a good indication that improvements need to be made in that area. No amount of analysis, guilt, blame, or shame is going to help you evolve. One has to be fearless if one is to evolve with honesty and integrity on the spiritual path.

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