Bhargava Dham: A Jewel for Humanity in the Heart of the Cordillera de los Andes, Chile

Bhargava Dham is a very special place, totally dedicated to the practice, study, teaching and dissemination of Homa Therapy in all its aspects. It began its activities in 2004, when it was acquired by Mrs. Carmen Hurtado, by direct indication of Master Shree Vasant V. Paranjpe, who spread Homa Therapy in the West.

It is located in Cochiguaz, Elqui Valley, in the middle of the Andes Mountains in Chile. The place and all its surroundings have great natural beauty: the high mountain peaks, the Cochiguaz River with its healing waters, the very characteristic Andean flora and fauna, the incredible blue sky during the day and the full visibility of the stars at night (some of the most important telescopes on the planet are located in the region). Everything is a great precious gift of nature, a true jewel worthy of appreciation and preservation for future generations.

In addition to all that natural energy, the constant practice of Homa fires indicated by Shree permeates the atmosphere with intense healing vibrations. It is indescribable how energetic and uplifted it is to be in Bhargava Dham.

Shree stated that where Homa fires are practiced regularly and HOMA Super technology and the Fivefold Path are used to conduct the work in those places, highly vibrational energy points are created for the planet. But he also indicated that there are three specific planetary points, which come into resonance in a very unique way when properly activated, generating an extremely powerful vibrational triangle.

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One of the vertices of this triangle is the Elqui Valley in Chile, where Bhargava Dham is located. The other two are located one in Maheshwar, India and the other in Poland. Shree Vasant advised to install special Pillars of Resonance at each vertex of this planetary energy configuration.

So, because of this orientation, one of these special sets of Pillars was installed in Bhargava Dham. It is of vital importance and it is urgent that these three points can fully resonate to reduce the chaos and degradation of the earth.
The name Bhargava Dham was indicated by Shree Vasant personally to Carmen Hurtado, who arranged to be temporarily the protector of the place. It means "House of Bhargava". Bhargava is one of the names of Lord Parashuram, the Master of Shree Gajanan Maharaj of Akkalkot, who in turn is the Master of Shree Vasant. There is a whole link with ancestral energies that are now being rescued and made available to the planet and humanity.

Throughout all this time the construction, material maintenance and improvements of the place were in charge of our dear Carmencita, who had the voluntary help of some people who were willing to support the execution of the fires, mantras and fundamental disciplines.

At the end of last year, the procedures for the creation of the "Bhargava Dham Foundation" began, with the aim of carrying out this project that is for the benefit of the planet and humanity. Through this formalization, diversified programs can be carried out more widely, making them more objectively disseminated. In addition, it is sought that the Agnihotris, sister associations and interested people can more easily approach the work carried out in Bhargava Dham, knowing, participating and supporting, since it is a wide-reaching project both at a personal and community level. There are no borders. It is a Point of Light for the planet!

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