With Every Breath, See How You Can Serve Humanity

With every breath, see how you can SERVE humanity. Carry the FIRE with you wherever you move. Read the words left behind; the teachings carry every answer. We have brought forth the blessings of Shree Gajanan Maharaj to all of you. We have completed Our Mission. We have been summoned and therefore, We have returned.

Let there be UNITY amongst you. Only harmony and Light. Seek to rebuild relationships which have fallen apart due to negligence or fear. Seek to build bridges of understanding between all of you.

Let the work increase. Let your focus intensify and become more one-pointed. At no time, allow fear to control your mind. When all assurances have been given-have complete, total faith in it.

More FIRE. More FIRE. MORE FIRE. More song and chanting of Holy Name. All love and blessings be with all of you now.


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