Effect of Agnihotra Ash on Impurities in Drinking Water

Saurabh Sakhre
Sanghvi Institute of Management and Science
Indore, India

I am assistant professor in the Indore Institute of Science and Technology in the civil engineering department. I am 22 years old. 2 years ago I came to know about Agnihotra from Dr. Ulrich Berk and I started practicing it. In the beginning I was not regularly doing it, but after some time I did. Continue reading “Effect of Agnihotra Ash on Impurities in Drinking Water”

Effects of Agnihotra on Plate Count of Aerial Bacterial Flora

Dr B.R. Gupta, Associate Professor, Microbiology, CSA University of Agriculture, Kanpur, U.P.

Dr B.R. Gupta has conducted experiments on effects of Agnihotra on plate count of Aerial bacterial flora. He has found that in human residence where no Agnihotra was performed the bacterial colony count was 123 as against in the human residence where Agnihotra was done regularly the bacterial colony count was as low as a mere 25.

Antibacterial and Wound Healing Effects of Agnihotra Ash on Albino Rats

Wing Commander D.V.K. Rao, Lt. Col. Madan Deshpande, Col. R.S. Tiwari
Armed Forces Medical College, New Delhi

10 gm of dry Agnihotra ash was dissolved in 100 ml of distilled water. The solution was filtered through filter paper and was autoclaved. 0.3 ml of this fluid was distributed on 100,6 mm Whatman No.l discs so that each contains ~3μ litre of Agnihotra extract. ABST was done on various pathogenic bacteria e.g. one strain of pseudomonas, five strains of proteus, seven strains of E coli, three strains of staphylococcus pyogenes and one strain of klebiscilla by disc diffusion method. The replica method was used to find out whether the antibacterial activity of Agnihotra if any was bactericidal or bacteriostatic.
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Do Not Try to Control

         It is in trying to control that we breed attachment and create Karma. You are to be free. Only way you can be free is to let go. No worry. No fear. We will catch you. We have you by the neck now. All you will do is rise. Then it is all peace and bliss, love and joy, knowledge and wisdom. All this will merely come by doing service and chanting your mantra. When you chant the Mantra, Divine Power manifests.

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Agnihotra at Freeform Arts Festival

We received the following story from Josh Maltby:

Freeform Arts Festival was founded in order to tie together the vast East Coast creative arts community and increase diversity in our local artistic landscape.

Freeform Arts is intended to serve as a connection point and a meeting place for the numerous cells and pockets of East Coast creative arts communities to unite and interact with each other. The goal is to create a more tightly knit, well-connected culture across the region.

The festival was held in Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania, from June 12-16th. Dozens of workshops were held on numerous topics, from the practical, the creative, the spiritual to the bizarre. Agnihotra seemed a good fit. Continue reading “Agnihotra at Freeform Arts Festival”

My Visit to Australia and Om Shree Dham

We received the following story from Patty Powers:

In March, 2014 I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Australia and visit Om Shree Dham in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia.

I found that the longer I stayed at Om Shree Dham, the more I felt its similarity to our Homa community in Madison, Virginia, as if the two were sister communities. The routine of morning and evening Agnihotra, Homas at 10 A.M., noon and 3 P.M., and an hour of Yajnya daily helped me feel right at home. Continue reading “My Visit to Australia and Om Shree Dham”

Peace Within the Storm

On April 26th, 2014, I woke up from the following dream:

I was sitting on a simple wooden bench in the middle of a small roofed boat with a few other people, sailing somewhat near some city’s sea-shore. Suddenly the ocean showed its fierce strength and tidal waves began swallowing the city as well as all other vessels in the ocean. These were huge waves of water and mud, nothing to survive from!

I felt this was it, closed my eyes, focused on Shree’s image and started saying ‘Om Shree.’ Continue reading “Peace Within the Storm”

Agnihotra – An Amazing Journey

The following testimonial is from Heather Penny, Virginia, U.S.A.


Where do I start? What an amazing journey and adventure.

Agnihotra is an experience that I have been looking for my entire adult life; I had no idea that it would come in the form of a FIRE! Agni landed on our doorstep just 3 months ago on March 14, 2014 when Lisa and Richard Powers came to our home to share with me and my husband about the practice. Continue reading “Agnihotra – An Amazing Journey”

Somayag 2015 Update

Dear friends,
We are pleased to announce that the next Somayag will be held at the Homa Therapy Goshala, Maheshwar India, between 3rd and 8th February, 2015.

This will be the sixth in the series of seven Somayags, the inspiration for which came from Shree Vasant Paranjpe.

For the past seven years a small group of people from various countries has kept this vision of conducting a series of seven Maha Somayags on the banks of the River Narmada in Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh, for the healing of our planet.

To date, five of these Somayags have been completed successfully. There are still two remaining.

This 6th Somayag is known as Atiratra. Amongst other benefits its purpose is to give nourishment and longevity to all living things on the planet. Continue reading “Somayag 2015 Update”