Peace Within the Storm

On April 26th, 2014, I woke up from the following dream:

I was sitting on a simple wooden bench in the middle of a small roofed boat with a few other people, sailing somewhat near some city’s sea-shore. Suddenly the ocean showed its fierce strength and tidal waves began swallowing the city as well as all other vessels in the ocean. These were huge waves of water and mud, nothing to survive from!

I felt this was it, closed my eyes, focused on Shree’s image and started saying ‘Om Shree.’

Suddenly, a beautiful heavenly chorus began singing ‘Om Shree’ back. I said to myself, We have been doing these fires for such a long time to protect Nature, now Nature will protect us. It felt like an inner certainty which filled me with much love and peace. Despite big turmoil, we were all serenely sitting. Our boat felt safe and neither water nor mud got inside of it.

In the dream, I opened my eyes and saw many pyramid fires all lit up and firmly standing on a shelf inside our boat all around us. It felt so safe. I felt so protected, so loved, as if I were being carried in the ocean’s womb.

No matter how difficult or even life-threatening a situation may seem to be, it is always possible to find peace within.

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