Agnihotra – An Amazing Journey

The following testimonial is from Heather Penny, Virginia, U.S.A.


Where do I start? What an amazing journey and adventure.

Agnihotra is an experience that I have been looking for my entire adult life; I had no idea that it would come in the form of a FIRE! Agni landed on our doorstep just 3 months ago on March 14, 2014 when Lisa and Richard Powers came to our home to share with me and my husband about the practice.
Having been residents of a yoga ashram in New England for 20 years, I had witnessed Agnihotra in the past on special celebrations during our residency there from 1976-1996. When we were living in Virginia I happened to see a brochure in a friend’s office on Agnihotra. The brochure caught my interest; I wanted to know more.

I was interested in improving the quality of energy on our 39 acre land nestled up against the Blue Ridge Mountains in Nelson County, Virginia. The mountain laurel on our land was diseased. In the past three years we have observed their health decreasing. Little did I realize that Agnihotra would work its “magic” on me as well!

When I saw this Agnihotra brochure and did some research online about the improvements in agriculture in Peru, I thought this would be a wonderful, safe way to aid the indigeneous mountain laurel which was in decline.

The next morning after we had been taught to do the fire, I surprised myself and my husband by getting out of bed 2 hours earlier than my usual rising time. I bathed and did my morning Ayurvedic rituals and sat down on our screened-in porch to prepare the fire. I took my time because I had given myself lots of time and found myself focused, trying as best I could to replicate my fire as I had learned the night before. I chanted the mantras as best I could at the exact time of sunrise – the tune being more challenging than the words!

As I had experienced the night before, my mind touched into a deep peace that I oftened had experienced in Satsang at the Ashram, yet rarely had felt since. Quiet, contentment and the sounds of silence pervaded me from within. As I rose up from my chair and slowly walked into the warmth of our livingroom, I heard the words, “Agnihotra will save your life!”

That day I was able to focus and concentrate in a way that I had not experienced in a long time.

I am on a steep learning curve and enjoying every minute of soaking in the Vedic way of life. Two years before, I cured my digestive challenges with Ayurvedic nutrition of Maya Tiwari. Last year I reset my digestion with an Ayurvedic 2-week diet called the Colorado Cleanse, and followed that up with 4 days of panchakarma in Boulder. I am beginning to return to my practice of yoga and am considering retaking yoga teachers training after 35 years. This past week a spiritual group of which I am a member asked me to lead them in Sanskrit chanting, which they had not experienced before. Leading kirtan with my group brought back joy and beautiful chanting memories.

The benefits of Agnihotra have been showing up in so many ways in my life. Agnihotra is revealing my deep ties to the Vedas that I never acknowledged before. Nothing else has influenced me on such a profound level as Agnihotra. Agnihotra especially has help me blossom, bringing back an essential part of myself that I lost when we left the ashram which had gone through serious, troubled times.

I feel held by the Mother Earth and Father Sun every day and evening as I sit to be with them doing my small, yet heartfelt, part in giving back. Receiving way more than I could ever imagine, I experience myself receiving insights each day. I am forever grateful.

I treasure the connection with Lisa and Richard. I hope someday I can share with more Agnihotra friends in person from around the world!

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