Do Not Try to Control

         It is in trying to control that we breed attachment and create Karma. You are to be free. Only way you can be free is to let go. No worry. No fear. We will catch you. We have you by the neck now. All you will do is rise. Then it is all peace and bliss, love and joy, knowledge and wisdom. All this will merely come by doing service and chanting your mantra. When you chant the Mantra, Divine Power manifests.

         So it is. If you are told, "Do all the disciplines and correct poor eating habits", then just do it. Don’t make excuses. Then secondly, to take it to extreme, in so far as diet is concerned would have worse effect. Gradually you have to make improvements and get rid of foods that have bad effect on you, sweets for example. You can start with that.

          When you practice Daan you need not worry. What you give of yourself returns to you again and again. There is no end to Grace.

         You have to recognize and understand the reason for your being here. You have to grasp it more consciously and express it clearly in your life. All trivialities should go so that the pure light shines.

         Let there be no more sorrow. In this world there is so much misery, so much suffering, pain. Be full of love and bring joy to others.

          Advice to couples:
         When you resist one another you resist the Divine. To be an instrument of Divine Love is your only goal in whole of life. The planet is now headed for destruction but it will be saved by Divine will. So those chosen to do this work by their good Karma will bring joy to all.

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