Agnihotra at Agricultural Fair in University of Philippines, Los Baños, Philippines

Pam Fernandes reports from the Philippines:
A four day exhibit fair entitled “Quantumizing Agriculture, Seed and Food for Earth and Human Healing…and…the Science of Ancient Filipino ways” was held at University of Philippines, Los Baños last September 29 – October 2, 2009. Continue reading “Agnihotra at Agricultural Fair in University of Philippines, Los Baños, Philippines”

Homa Therapy in La Gran Savanna, Venezuela

Santa Elena de Guairen, La Gran Savanna, Venezuela
Mrs. Mimi, Ms. Jhoja, Ms. Mariana and friends are intensively practicing Agnihotra and all other Homa fires on a farm close to the border of Brazil. (photo below) We and many Agnihotris are thinking about you and are sending lots of love to this far corner of the planet. Keep up your wonderful work!

Homa Therapy in Lithuania

Andrius Bernardas Dapšys from Lithuania wrote:
“I’m deeply interested in Homa Therapy. For the last four years, I have worked successfully on a purchased land at rural area in Lithuania with Homa Therapy in growing vegetables and herbs. Here are some photos from my place, my friends and myself.”


One can expend so much energy, valuable energy on talking. If it is meaningful conversation it is excellent but so much of the interaction between people is wasteful. Always think is it useful? Is it helpful? Is it clear communication? Is it gossip? Is it necessary? One can be extremely spontaneous and full of joy and yet not fall into the trap of meaningless chatter.
Practice this today. Continue reading “Speech”