Agnihotra in Austria

I practice Agnihotra for about 5 years and really love the fire and I had amazing experiences with it. For me, its something special to be able to perform such an ancient holy technique and thus heal myself and the environment.

I worked on different organic farms in different countries and experienced that the performance of Agnihotra and Homas create a special atmosphere and really is a way to happy living in peace and harmony with Nature.
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How to Maintain the Image of Sadguru While Doing the Daily Chores?

             How can I maintain the image of Sadguru while doing the daily chores? How can I use my so called free time to maintain HIS image? How do I train my mind at least to switch over quickly to Sadguru while my mind is in the grooves of doing things in a selfish manner? By systematic, regular training one can train the mind to do this. You have to maintain the higher energy of Sadguru while cooking, eating, doing simple jobs which do not require active thinking. This means while you are doing such simple things outwardly, you are keeping your thinking capacity to maintain the spiritual practice.

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