How to Maintain the Image of Sadguru While Doing the Daily Chores?

             How can I maintain the image of Sadguru while doing the daily chores? How can I use my so called free time to maintain HIS image? How do I train my mind at least to switch over quickly to Sadguru while my mind is in the grooves of doing things in a selfish manner? By systematic, regular training one can train the mind to do this. You have to maintain the higher energy of Sadguru while cooking, eating, doing simple jobs which do not require active thinking. This means while you are doing such simple things outwardly, you are keeping your thinking capacity to maintain the spiritual practice.

            Similarly with Mantra. Slowly you learn to repeat it all the time wherever you may be. That means what is put in words by Mantra, you are executing in a spiritually concentrated way. You have to learn to do both, repeating the Mantra mentally and simultaneously keeping the image of Sadguru before you.

            Then you learn to keep the intense presence of Sadguru in your consciousness all the time while you are doing your daily chores or in your free time. This is the beginning to enter the state of ‘I and my Father are One.’

          Self realization can be achieved only in the presence of a holy person, SADGURU. So now you make the strongest attempt to come back Home as the time is NOW. Never things were given so cheaply.

          Start walking on the Divine Path of Vedas represented by five words Yajnya, Daan, Tapa, Karma, and Swadhyaya and you will be lifted automatically as a mother lifts her child. Everything is given to make your life full of bliss. Only your consciousness has to say ‘Yes, I am ready!’ Most important factor to note is you have become unattached to the fruit of your action. OM Halleluja.

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