All Those Sensual Pleasures

        All those sensual pleasures are totally automated in the average person. Any opportunity to seek pleasure is quickly grasped by the mind and automatically the intellect tries to find ways how that enjoyable situation can be extended.

         If your goal in life is God intoxication, liberation, ‘Not my will but Thy will be done’ then you have to make special effort to get out of the grooves of mental behavior and set in to motion another automated behavior pattern. Instead of sense enjoyment you have to think how you become a better instrument to execute HIS will. You have to make a serious conscious effort to achieve this. This is a very special process in your life. When you succeed in doing this you will come to know what real joy in life is. Simultaneously you will be accumulating great good Karma without attachment to the fruit and the Law of GRACE operates.

                   First you have to make your vessel empty before Sadguru can pour HIS Grace in it. This means all your selfishness has to go. For this to happen begin practice of AGNIHOTRA and DAAN, the two material aids of happy life. Concentrate your mind on the Sadguru. Take Mantra as a help.

                  Mantra should be steadily repeated with attention on the energetic meaning. Thus the energy field is maintained by repetition.

                   Yajnya fire atmosphere takes you from gross to more subtle levels of consciousness. It is a place where the Supreme Power, Almighty power bends towards us, to bless us. Get into the habit of performing Karma for self purification and automatically you will be lifted higher into HIS Kingdom of GRACE.

                   You may feel lonely or deserted. However every single thought of yours is known to the Divine. If your prayer is earnest and if you are trying to be more and more pure, if your aim is to be most fitting instrument to spread HIS Grace towards other human beings it shall be done and your load of past Karma is reduced.

                 Practice the Fivefold Path of Yajnya, Daan, Tapa, Karma, and Swadhyaya. You will be lifted from the valley of death and illusion into the Kingdom of Heaven which is within us.

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