Agnihotra in Panama City

Eng. Jorge Rivera (photo left) wrote from Panama city:
“I’m sharing Homa Therapy with my Hare Krishna friends.
We also did a Rudra Yajnya with Orlando Guia, his wife Maria Alexandra Brito and Mrs Ida Araujo.”
(photo right)

Christian Alvaro Vasquez Soto’s Story

Christian Alvaro Vasquez Soto
Carabayllo, Lima, Peru

    "I am working in a Social Security (EsSalud) Hospital in emergency services. I learned about Homa Therapy 10 years ago, but I started with its daily practice only two years ago. I remember, six years ago, when I did the Homa Fires for a while, I made some small fires, but found no one to advise and guide me. Even though I did not give much credibility to Homa Therapy, I experienced two significant changes in my life.
      When I started practicing these Fires, I suddenly got a visa for Australia. It seemed that someone knocked on the door and gave me the visa, money, ticket, everything.

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Homa Healing and Meditation in Vina del Mar, Chile

We received these photos and letter from Sebastian Figueroa from Vina del Mar, Chile:
"I am sending some photos of Homa activities we have been organizing during the month of December with my friend, Paz Manriquez, in Vina del Mar. The photos below show a service activity called  “Afternoon with Homa healing and Meditation" in the ‘Centro Integral Purnam’.

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All Our Sense Organs are Focused Outwards

       All of our sense organs are focused outwards and not inwards. The sense of touch, the sense of sight, smell, etc., all these five sense organs. Then the body gets used to finding pleasure through these sense organs. All the time the body is trying to seek pleasure by making use of these senses to procure material things and specific situations. So that means, we have to take care how we feed all these five sense organs, so that this ‘I am the body’ consciousness is not more fattened and it is reduced. Continue reading “All Our Sense Organs are Focused Outwards”