Christian Alvaro Vasquez Soto’s Story

Christian Alvaro Vasquez Soto
Carabayllo, Lima, Peru

    "I am working in a Social Security (EsSalud) Hospital in emergency services. I learned about Homa Therapy 10 years ago, but I started with its daily practice only two years ago. I remember, six years ago, when I did the Homa Fires for a while, I made some small fires, but found no one to advise and guide me. Even though I did not give much credibility to Homa Therapy, I experienced two significant changes in my life.
      When I started practicing these Fires, I suddenly got a visa for Australia. It seemed that someone knocked on the door and gave me the visa, money, ticket, everything.

Another interesting thing is that my partner was sterile and could not have children. Now, we have a daughter and she is a Homa child.
Then I distanced myself from a lot of people who did not allow my personal evolution and I became a vegetarian. Abroad, I saw many things that happened with these Fires. They generate a tremendous vibration, not only for health; this is just one of many fields where it manifests. I returned to Peru and entered a job contest, which Dr. Jesus Borja was evaluating. He is the director of the "Hospital EsSalud Paul Nogier" and he asked me: "Well my friend, why did you go abroad, leaving everything here and what did you do there?" I said that I went to study and learn some things about a bio-energetic therapy.
Then he told me that just recently he had met a person who has healed his father with a pyramid fire and he asked me to explain and he said: "I’ll give you a 19*. If you win, please come to my hospital, we need your support. I have a specialty in Complementary Medicine. "
And I won the contest and entered EsSalud again. But not only did I win this contest, I also won five others and I do not think that this happened because of my intelligence. The practice of Homa Therapy gives you an optimism at all levels and gets the best out the person. Then I went and introduced myself to Dr. Borja and he said: "That is good." And we quickly started with Homa Therapy in the hospital together with Dr. Torres.
        We have seen many dozens of cases of healing, we can explain some, but many are beyond our intellect and are inexplicable, for example, the case of a girl of 4 years of age with diabetes. The doctors could not resolve her problem.

     So I invited the father to bring his child to Homa Therapy and he was coming with his daughter for two months and then said that his daughter’s diabetes has disappeared. The doctors could not explain that!!!!!

         I also saw how 3 dry trees in front of the hospital that never had bloomed, suddenly were filled with flowers and humming birds and people gathered around them. I could see how the Homa fires generate purity and healed some women with cancer.
Also, one begins to meet beautiful people and to bring out the best we are. I think this is the best job I ever had in so many lives – the power to bestow and teach the Agnihotra Fire. I do not see it as an expense or loss of time, but as a gift to the world, a service. We invite you to our Medical Center and to join us."
(Photo: Med Tec Christian Vasquez (center) teaching Homa Therapy in the hospital.)

*In Peru the evaluations are from 1 to 20

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