All Our Sense Organs are Focused Outwards

       All of our sense organs are focused outwards and not inwards. The sense of touch, the sense of sight, smell, etc., all these five sense organs. Then the body gets used to finding pleasure through these sense organs. All the time the body is trying to seek pleasure by making use of these senses to procure material things and specific situations. So that means, we have to take care how we feed all these five sense organs, so that this ‘I am the body’ consciousness is not more fattened and it is reduced.

        The instrument must be cleansed of anxiety, regret, of doubt, of anger, of lust, of greed, of envy, of pride, of laziness, of desire and of prejudice.

         Be ever grateful if a man gives you a crumb of bread.

           Release the past instead of carrying it around with you. All the time use Mantra to re-focus the mind. When the mind wanders or becomes drawn to one thing or the other, just do the Mantra. Stop, sit and do the Mantra until that center is again in focus. This is like a conscious waking meditation. It will prove quite useful.

           Just follow what you are told now. Things are moving very quickly now. Your mind should be clear. Only way to clear the mind is through intense purification, through Mantra. Do all disciplines. Do the Mantra intensely. Just always think of the other person.

            Main thing required for this work is humility. Everything begins inside. It is not an idea or a concept. Practice of service to others will breed humility. Then quite naturally it will develop. All the time service. Think of everything as service and you will find great joy in it.

          There is going to be a lot of destruction around us. We have to act as instruments to help the people, as a refuge, shelter.

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