Disciplines Associated with Agnihotra

Which disciplines are compulsory for Agnihotra practice?
The following requirements are absolutely essential for correct practice of Agnihotra:

  • copper pyramid of prescribed shape and size
  • pure cow dung
  • pure cow’s ghee
  • uncooked, unpolished whole grains of rice
  • timings according to sunrise/sunset computer timetable up to seconds accuracy
  • mantras recited once only, precisely as given
  • offering made by one person only

Who can perform Agnihotra?
Any human being can perform this Agnihotra. Only women in monthly period should not perform it for 4 days. Agnihotra is a science. It is not related to any specific religion, caste, race, nationality, guru or organisation. Thousands of people on all continents belonging to different races, languages, religions and spiritual groups who practise Agnihotra have remarked that simply by performing daily Agnihotra they feel as if a protective film surrounds them.

Where should I perform Agnihotra?
Agnihotra can be performed anywhere at home, at work, inside or outside; wherever you may be.

Do I need to face a specific direction while performing Agnihotra?
It is best to face east while performing Agnihotra. It is also OK to face west at sunset. It is also good if the dot on the Agnihotra pyramid always faces the same direction, e.g. East.

How many people can perform Agnihotra in one copper pyramid?
Only one person can perform Agnihotra in one copper pyramid. If more people want to perform Agnihotra then they should get their own individual pyramids.

How many times should I chant the Agnihotra mantra?
You should chant Agnihotra mantra only once.

Can I give third offering of remaining rice?
No. Only two offerings of rice should be given. Remaining rice should be discarded and should not be used for even the next Agnihotra.

Can I chant “OM” in Agnihotra mantra?
“OM” should not be chanted in this Agnihotra. This Agnihotra mantra should be chanted exactly as given. No change should be made to that mantra.

How much rice should be used as offering in Agnihotra?
Quantity of rice should be as much you can hold in your three fingers (thumb, middle finger and ring finger, for example).

Is it necessary to take bath before Agnihotra?
Taking bath prior to Agnihotra is not compulsory. However, if water is available and you are in the habit of taking bath daily, then bathing before Agnihotra enhances the healing effect. If it is not possible to take a full bath then at least you can wash hands, feet and mouth. If one is planning to use Agnihotra ash for medicinal purposes, it is ideal to take a full shower and put on clean clothes prior to performing Agnihotra.

Is it necessary to adopt a vegetarian diet before taking up the practice of Agnihotra?
No. It is not necessary to adopt a vegetarian diet before starting to practice Agnihotra. However, many people have discovered that after practicing Agnihotra regularly for some time they feel less attracted to a non-vegetarian diet.

How long does it take to perform an Agnihotra?
It takes about 10 minutes to perform an Agnihotra.

How long do I need to sit after performing Agnihotra?
You can immediately get back to work after you chant the mantras and give the rice offering to fire. This completes Agnihotra. If it is possible you can sit till the fire goes out in the pyramid.

What should I do after Agnihotra?
After uttering the Mantra and giving the offering to the fire Agnihotra is complete. You can now go about your business. However, it is good if possible to sit quietly for a few minutes until the flames subside. If you are in the habit of practicing meditation or any other spiritual discipline, then the atmosphere created after performance of Agnihotra is ideal and conducive to these pursuits.

Where should I put the ash remaining in the Agnihotra copper pyramid?
You can strain the Agnihotra ash with a fine strainer and store it in a glass jar or earthen pot.

What should I do with the stored Agnihotra ash?
Since Agnihotra ash is extremely medicinal you can use it as a medicine. You can apply it to the body externally or take it internally (see website homahealth.com). You can also use it to energise and purify drinking water. You can also add small quantities of ash to the food while cooking so everyone in the family will get the healing benefits of Agnihotra ash.

What should I do if I have more Agnihotra ash than I can store?
You can put Agnihotra ash into the soil or in any water resource.