Atmosphere has the Capacity of Retaining and Transmitting Sound

Shree spreading His Joy and Blessings
after the Bath in the Narmada River.

Watch Shree give this message. 

Atmosphere has the capacity of retaining and transmitting sound, plus transmitting radio waves, satellite signs, etc. All type of communication without wires. Due to pollution this capacity is affected to such an extent that signals shall get mixed up and chaos will come.

Agnihotra smoke from the fire is medicinal. It is therapeutic.

Surface of Earth’s moon is changing having a deleterious effect on people of our planet. Actually it is not only mind that is affected in man but also biological functioning of all life on the planet.

Illness runs rampant. Attention. Agnihotra ash medicine is the Saviour. This is only way out. Agnihotra atmosphere and Agnihotra ash medicines are the cure all and end all to man’s problems. We should eat ash three times daily. Continue reading “Atmosphere has the Capacity of Retaining and Transmitting Sound”