Do Not Worry about Succeeding or Failing

       Nothing is so severe it cannot be remedied at this time. Make great efforts on a daily basis. Do not worry about succeeding or failing. Just make the effort.
     Sadness – happiness – sadness. Human condition is always the same. We have to be lifted out of this now. Spread the holy healing fires. This is intense good Karma. A little effort will take you a long way. Ultimately you will look back on this and laugh.

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Scientific Aspects of Agnihotra: Agriculture – Pests and Diseases

      Vedic Knowledge says that when we perform Agnihotra, a channel is created above the pyramid, going up 12 kilometres.
Prana energy – Life Energy – which lies above our atmosphere comes down through this channel. Because of pollution this flow of Prana energy might be blocked otherwise. Continue reading “Scientific Aspects of Agnihotra: Agriculture – Pests and Diseases”

Equinoccio Global Agnihotra 2017


Del 21 al 23 de Septiembre del 2017

     En 2013 iniciamos un Evento Global de Fuegos Sagrados durante el período del Equinoccio, y fue un gran éxito. Tantas personas alrededor del mundo se habían unido y los Fuegos Agnihotra se movían alrededor del planeta al amanecer y al atardecer. Este año queremos repetir esta maravillosa experiencia y los invitamos a unirse a nosotros!
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Satsang Volumen 45 # 2

Purificación del Agua con Agnihotra

Experimentos científicos también muestran que el Agnihotra y la Ceniza de Agnihotra purifican el agua. Se nos recomienda agregar Ceniza de Agnihotra al agua que bebemos y muchos de nosotros lo estamos haciendo regularmente.

¿Por qué se recomienda esto? La razón es que la Ceniza de Agnihotra elimina la bacteria patógena del agua. Esto ha sido analizado varias veces. Un sorprendente experimento fue realizado por el Dr. John Matlander, de Cuenca, Ecuador.
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Satsang Volume 45 No 3

Ancient Oaks Children’s Program 2017–Another Success!

Patricia (Patty) Norton and Maria Broom

It was one of Shree Vasant’s greatest dreams to bring children from the heart of Baltimore city out to our Homa farm where they could experience green open spaces and a healing atmosphere saturated with Homa fires. With a generous grant from the Krieger Fund, the Baltimore Homa Community was able to offer a second year of their Children’s Summer Farm Program at Ancient Oaks Homa Farm in Westminster, Maryland. Eight groups–over 300 children–came to enjoy a half-day of hiking, drumming, dancing, yoga, sound healing, storytelling, tasty vegetarian lunches and quiet meditation with Homa fire, not to mention lots and lots of free time to just run and play without fear of traffic, violence or bullets. With wonderful, flexible facilitators and plenty of Shree’s grace we were able to do all of this and it is extremely humbling. Continue reading “Satsang Volume 45 No 3”