Agnihotra in Moldova, Eastern Europe

Benedict Caurausu writes from Chisinau, Moldova:

“For the first time I came in contact with Agnihotra in 1996 through my friend from Ukraine, Andrey Guzanov. I was not so deeply touched because as I understood later one important thing had been missed – the correct time.

“Also at this meeting I received some written information about Agnihotra. After I read it I understood that the Agnihotra is really a good thing and continued my research in this field. I got Dr. Ulrich Berk’s address and contacted him. For two years or so we kept in contact and as result of this in June of 2000 Dr. Berk came to Moldova. We organized several meetings in Chisinau (the capital city) and there were many participants. As result many people started to practice Agnihotra. Continue reading “Agnihotra in Moldova, Eastern Europe”

Homa Therapy Goes to the Arctic Circle

Horst and I recently made a trip to the northernmost settlement of Europe and inside the Arctic circle.
We did a tour to Northern Europe, which lasted several weeks. Since years, we keep visiting the north of Sweden and Norway to spread the necessary Homa vibrations also there. Practicing Agnihotra is not always possible there because the sun doesn’t set in the summer months, and on the other hand, in winter it doesn’t rise for months. Continue reading “Homa Therapy Goes to the Arctic Circle”

International Homa Forum 2013 in Piura, Peru

In cooperation with the National University of Piura, the Municipality of Castilla and Agrohoma NGO, the International Homa Forum 2013 took place.
Dr. Washington Calderon, Head of the International Technical Cooperation Department, said “it is an honor to host this Homa forum because a University is about learning, experimenting and expanding the horizon“. Prof. Abel opened the forum with a Vyahruti Homa. (Photo right) Continue reading “International Homa Forum 2013 in Piura, Peru”

Agnihotra Healing Fire at Ancient Sacred Mountain Site in Turkey

Kaz Dag National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks in Turkey. It boasts a series of mountain peaks including Mount Ida. Throughout history, Mount Ida was known as a holy mountain. Sarikiz (Tomb of the Golden Maiden) on the Sarikiz peak of Mount Ida has a history which goes back to 8000 B.C. It is a place of worship for the Divine Mother by Turkmen tribes.
A small group of loving people came together in August to perform prayers, offer light, perform Agnihotra and meditation on this sacred site. Divine Mother was asked to forgive us human beings for what we have done and keep on doing to our planet, to bless us, to change our behavior, and to care for her. Continue reading “Agnihotra Healing Fire at Ancient Sacred Mountain Site in Turkey”

Full Moon Om Tryambakam Homa at Granja Homa in Tenjo, Colombia

The 12-hour Om Tryambakam Homa this October full moon was a success and the day was filled with very good energy and fluidity. During evening Agnihotra we had seven simultaneous fires, including 4 in the columns of the cardinal points Homa Farm. Put the next new moon in your plans, we would love you to join us. Continue reading “Full Moon Om Tryambakam Homa at Granja Homa in Tenjo, Colombia”

You Have Been Given the Key to a Treasure Chest

         It is like inside there is a treasure chest full of diamonds and gold and you are asked simply to go inside and open it. You have been given the key and again reminded of that key. All you have to do is go inside and open the treasure chest. You continue looking outside for answer. Go inside and you find more than answers.

Continue reading “You Have Been Given the Key to a Treasure Chest”

Firing the Grid – Agnihotras around the World on September Equinox, 2013

On September 21 & 22, 2013 Agnihotra practitioners from around the globe participated in a network of Agnihotra being performed on the September Equinox. The aim was to create a grid of Sacred Fires or ‘firing the grid’ and to ideally have two waves of Agnihotra fires moving around the planet (one for sunrise, one for sunset).
We received many responses from people all over the world informing their coordinates. We were amazed to find every continent represented, and people from Alaska to Africa, from Europe to U.S.A., Australia to Russia, Japan to Hawaii. There were more than 450 Meridiens of Longitude represented with Agnihotra Fires in more than 50 countries. There may have been more that we were unaware of. Continue reading “Firing the Grid – Agnihotras around the World on September Equinox, 2013”