You Have Been Given the Key to a Treasure Chest

         It is like inside there is a treasure chest full of diamonds and gold and you are asked simply to go inside and open it. You have been given the key and again reminded of that key. All you have to do is go inside and open the treasure chest. You continue looking outside for answer. Go inside and you find more than answers.

           The atmosphere we are in determines our health and our state of mind.
Happy atmosphere = Happy plants = Abundant produce and good taste.

             The healing effect of Agnihotra is strengthened with other pyramid fires based on the phases of the moon, etc. The small copper pyramid acts as some kind of portable generator of a micro-healing atmosphere.

               Let go of all negative thoughts or ideas, impressions on the mind. Replace these thoughts with the positive and affirm the positive by doing your personal Mantra. Learn to speak only positively. Absolutely, steadfastly refuse to indulge in quarreling. It has too strong an effect on others. On the other hand, if you nurture and care for each other, the love you emanate is so pure, so wonderful. It has healing power.

               Do not think, “What will be”. Focus on what already is, i.e., “Be here and now”.

               Never be afraid to follow what is TRUTH for you. BELIEVE your own EXPERIENCE. Do not believe a word We say; only believe what you experience.

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