Agnihotra in Moldova, Eastern Europe

Benedict Caurausu writes from Chisinau, Moldova:

“For the first time I came in contact with Agnihotra in 1996 through my friend from Ukraine, Andrey Guzanov. I was not so deeply touched because as I understood later one important thing had been missed – the correct time.

“Also at this meeting I received some written information about Agnihotra. After I read it I understood that the Agnihotra is really a good thing and continued my research in this field. I got Dr. Ulrich Berk’s address and contacted him. For two years or so we kept in contact and as result of this in June of 2000 Dr. Berk came to Moldova. We organized several meetings in Chisinau (the capital city) and there were many participants. As result many people started to practice Agnihotra.

“At this time I had very deep experience during the Agnihotra process. After this, with the help of Dr. Berk I started to spread and teach Agnihotra in Moldova. Soon Agnihotra was being practiced in five more places: Bender, Ungheni, Salcia, Botnaresti and Varnita. Also during next 2-3 years the books – “Homa Therapy Our Last Chance“, “Homa farming for New Age” and “Light Toward Divine Path” – was translated and published in Russian.

“In July, 2001 Dr. Ulrich Berk again visited us. At that time we also visited Romania to introduce Agnihotra there. It was a good start, but we have to do even more. Next year we went to Russia and Ukraine and introduced many people to Agnihotra.

“From that time I practice Agnihotra and at regular basis (1-2 times per month) I do in Chisinau Agnihotra meetings. Usually at this meetings were participates about 12-15 people. Many of them were interested in Agnihotra, but only few starts to practice. The main obstacle is cow dung. For the people living in the city this is the biggest problem. Hope that the situation will change to better in near future.”

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