Summer Meeting at Homa-Hof Heiligenberg, Germany, July 2013

Johanna Jenisch writes from Heiligenberg, Germany:

“This summer, numerous visitors from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland and Poland joined at the Homa-Hof Heiligenberg, European Centre for promotion of Agnihotra. Also a couple from South India, on a visit to their children in Europe, found their way here and were pleased about the activities for distribution of Agnihotra.

“The summer meeting carried out for the third time was also a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Homa-Hof. After a warm welcome at the information point, the more than 200 visitors could read up on the development since the acquisition of the farm.”

“For this purpose a small photo gallery with accompanying texts had been designed. Buildings, farming and public relations for the distribution of Agnihotra formed three topics. Looking ahead also had to be there: To give still more people the opportunity to inform themselves about Agnihotra and to learn its practice; there are considerations to set up conference rooms and overnight accommodation in the big barn. Colour outlines illustrated the planning.

“During the whole afternoon, visitors, neighbours and members of Homa-Hof came together for lively discussion and exchange of experiences in the “café.” Coffee, tea and a big cake buffet were offered. Again and again, there was joyful recognition and warm welcome of new and familiar faces. We were particularly pleased that children, adolescents, younger and older adults came together like a big Homa family. Many small groups were dispersed on the court area and let the peace and quiet of the Homa atmosphere take effect on themselves.

“As in the past two years, there were again several information offerings. With the program booklet the visitors could gain an overview of the Homa-Hof and the offered activities:
In bright sunshine the principles of Homa farming with the Homa fires and the application of the ash were explained in two guided tours across the fields. We were very pleased with the lively and practical conversation with the about 60 guests. As we have seen, the questions of the visitors are very specific and many of them contribute a lot of knowledge from their own experience.

“The introduction to Agnihotra was also attended by participants who already know and practice Agnihotra. They were keen on getting more information and knowledge. Conversation circled around cowdung quality, use of the ash, energetic questions concerning the fire, the behavior at the fire as well as establishing links on the internet in order to enable people to share this precious knowledge about the healing of the Earth. It was pleasing that over 20 visitors of the Agnihotra lecture tours in May and June came from Austria, Switzerland and Germany to our summer meeting. Many who have been practicing Agnihotra regularly at sunrise and sunset took the opportunity to also learn the Homa fire techniques Vyahruti and Om Tryambakam Yajnya.

“’Expert discussions’ enriched the demonstrations for ghee production and cowdung drying. All sides thus profited from the exchange of knowledge. At the guided bee tours, the beekeepers got answers to technical questions; the others wanted to know how the natural reproduction of bees takes place by swarming and how a bee queen is created. But also almost philosophical ideas were expressed about what we humans can learn from the bees. With our showcase a glimpse was possible into the hustle and bustle of the bees. The fascination in the eyes of the viewers was clearly visible.

“For the children, a tour of the premises had been prepared with questions about plants, as well as a reading from the book “Namu.” The kids were thrilled when, after painting and handicrafts, they were learning how to practice Agnihotra (with adult supervision) in the afternoon. Some of them were present then at the common evening Agnihotra with their parents.

“Like last year, a circular walk on the farmyard also led to the Yajnya hut near the grove. Here, from 4 P.M. to 8 P.M., Om Tryambakam Yajnya was performed. Silently listening or singing along, people could stay in front of the hut and absorb the calm energetic atmosphere.

“Fine soup, nutritious bread and delicious cheese and butter preparations with fresh Homa herbs were offered after 6 P.M. in the café. They were completed by further delicious food which some of the people had brought along.

“Those who had not yet found the time in the afternoon, now still had the opportunity to visit the market stall and to purchase or complete their Agnihotra accessories at the shop. This time, the exchange and the so-called networking were particularly in the foreground, so we could help, for example, visitors from Switzerland, Tyrol or a city in the high North come into contact. Others offered help to Agnihotris in their region.

“At the stand of the publishing house, Horst Heigl invited everyone to listen to music or to read about Agnihotra and numerous spiritual topics in the various books.

“When the sun slowly inclined to the horizon, Agnihotra pots and accessories were fetched out of the cars and baskets and brought to the meadow behind the little barn. Here about 180 persons came to practice Agnihotra at sunset together. Hans Daikeler, first executive board member since the foundation of Homa-Hof, gave a brief recap of the past 25 years, thanked everyone for their help and invited the visitors to come back to relax, help and maintain contact. After that, there was still enough time to go into silence and prepare for the Agnihotra.

“Exactly at sundown, the fires were burning in the numerous pots and all people present sang the Agnihotra mantra together. The harmonious uplifting atmosphere is hard to put into words. Many visitors described a feeling of inner calm, peace and connectedness that accompanied them on their way home.

“We thank all visitors and all contributors for this very special day together.”

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