Who Can Perform Agnihotra?

Who can perform Agnihotra?
Agnihotra can be performed by anyone irrespective of religion, sect, caste, creed, nationality, color, gender and age. Men, women, and also children can practice Agnihotra. Agnihotra is for everyone.

How many people can make offerings for Agnihotra?
Only one person should make the offerings in Agnihotra. Others can derive benefits by sitting opposite the person performing Agnihotra or anywhere around the Agnihotra pyramid. Two or more members of the same household can perform Agnihotra individually, but they should prepare fire and make offerings in separate Agnihotra pyramids — one pyramid for each person practicing Agnihotra.

What if I cannot do Agnihotra every day?
Whenever Agnihotra is done correctly, it will have beneficial effects. Encourage the person to do it whenever they can. Of course, for maximum effect one should do it every day, twice a day, but if he or she does Agnihotra even once, it is better than never doing it at all. If a person tries Agnihotra and has a good experience, he/she may be motivated to find ways to do it more often. People sometimes find that their circumstances change in time to allow them to practice Agnihotra more regularly. It can be helpful to mention this to beginners who may be feeling discouraged about their schedules.

If I cannot do both sunrise and sunset Agnihotra because of my work schedule, should I be doing it at all?
Whenever Agnihotra is done correctly, it will have effects. It’s like taking a vitamin — the more regularly you take it, the greater the benefit will be, but it will have effects whenever you take it. Many people who now do Agnihotra regularly started by doing Agnihotra whenever they could.

If I start Agnihotra in my house can any other family members perform it?
Yes. If for any reason you cannot perform Agnihotra, another family member or friend can perform it. If you are not present at Agnihotra time, another family member or friend can perform it, in order to maintain the healing cycle. It is also possible to carry a second Agnihotra kit if you will be away from the house at Agnihotra time and you can perform it wherever you are at local timings.

If Agnihotra is discontinued for any reason will there be any bad effect?
No. If regular practice of Agnihotra is stopped or interrupted for any reason there will be absolutely NO bad effect as a result. Only the beneficial effects which are derived from its regular practice will dissipate.