Keep silence one hour daily and utilise this time for silencing thoughts as well as speech. You can, during this time, continue doing whatever needs to be done. Just keep thoughts and speech silent as much as possible. Use Mantras. This is for people who can either not keep silence in the morning due to job or are alone most of the day. Best hours are in the morning or night, after Agnihotra.

   To all your questions answers are given, not always in the terms you expect.

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Scientific Aspects of Agnihotra: Agriculture – Biodiversity (Part I)

     Since more than a decade now a dramatic decline of bee population has been noticed worldwide. Now we learn that a similar decline can be found regarding all insects.
Recently an alarming study was published by scientists from Germany, Great Britain, and the Netherlands. Insects were captured in nature reserves throughout Germany and counted. This long-term study found that within 25 years there was a reduction of 75%!

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Patricio Vicente Feijóo | Protection from Earthquake

Patricio Vicente Feijóo
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

(Photo: Mr. Patricio and his wife Mary – first ones from the right – sharing Agnihotra in Amaranto.)

      Mr. Patricio and his wife Mary Agustina are the owners of the Vegetarian Gourmet Restaurant "Amaranto".

We received an email where he wrote:
   Thank you for sharing your knowledge, the great legacy of Master Shree Vasant and the Homa Fires in your travels through different parts of our beloved Planet. Thanks for letting us know about the different Homa healing experiences.
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