Patricio Vicente Feijóo | Protection from Earthquake

Patricio Vicente Feijóo
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

(Photo: Mr. Patricio and his wife Mary – first ones from the right – sharing Agnihotra in Amaranto.)

      Mr. Patricio and his wife Mary Agustina are the owners of the Vegetarian Gourmet Restaurant "Amaranto".

We received an email where he wrote:
   Thank you for sharing your knowledge, the great legacy of Master Shree Vasant and the Homa Fires in your travels through different parts of our beloved Planet. Thanks for letting us know about the different Homa healing experiences.

It is my pleasure and duty to tell you that yesterday (Nov. 17, 2017) there was a very strong tremor in Guayaquil, 6.2 degrees (Richter). In Amaranto, at the time of this strong earthquake, there were several people working, but surprisingly no one felt it.
The City turned into a total chaos. Classes in schools and colleges were suspended, companies were paralyzed and people turned to the streets in panic.
However, no one in Amaranto felt anything. It really is a Homa Miracle, since the Fires are practiced there frequently on a massive scale.
For the time being I say goodbye with a big and strong hug.

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