Keep silence one hour daily and utilise this time for silencing thoughts as well as speech. You can, during this time, continue doing whatever needs to be done. Just keep thoughts and speech silent as much as possible. Use Mantras. This is for people who can either not keep silence in the morning due to job or are alone most of the day. Best hours are in the morning or night, after Agnihotra.

   To all your questions answers are given, not always in the terms you expect.

     How to teach humility? Only by Grace and by facing our actions and accepting responsibility for those actions can one ever hope to become humble.

    Now a time has come for this planet. It is on the threshold of extreme disaster and New Light to come. Science will determine final stages of Man.

    We do not claim Agnihotra to be of any religious origin. It is a tool which allows us to become more understanding of the problems of others, the problems we are faced with in the world, the negativity, the air pollution. This itself enables us to become more full of love. Hence science paves the way to the Kingdom of Heaven which lies in each of us.
This is the answer to be given to all universe.
Let the planet vibrate the message of love. Let Agnihotra be taken to all people, all across the globe.

    Let us be infused with Light. Now is the time told in the Bible. Nation rises against nation. This is the time told to Daniel. This is highest time. Daniel.

     Love will rise as a sound current to heal the planet.

   When you meditate it helps you in a much subtler way than actual physical, mental experiences. It also helps those around you. Do not think "Oh, I had a bad meditation". Sometimes it is delightful, other times very subtle. If there is some disturbance consistently in your meditations, check your diet and posture during meditation.

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