How Can Agnihotra Help People Who Live in Cities (Part II)

     As we already know how important it is to purify the air we breathe, let us take a closer look at what Agnihotra can actually do for you.

AGNIHOTRA is the main fire practice of what is known as Homa Therapy. This science comes from ancient-most knowledge known to mankind, the Vedas. It states that by means of performing specific fire techniques at specific times, toxic conditions can be removed from the atmosphere. Being tuned to the biorhythms of sunrise and sunset, Agnihotra fire is performed only during those specific times of the day. Agnihotra just takes a few minutes and yet has a profound healing effect on all Nature and people.
What can Agnihotra do for you?
• Its daily performance purifies, revitalizes, energizes and restores balance in the air, soil, water, plants, animals and human beings.
• It relieves stress from body and mind, renews brain cells, revitalizes the skin, purifies the blood, balances the nervous system, brings peace, benefits the circulatory, digestive, endocrine systems, among others.
• It is an excellent help to bring physical, emotional and mental health back to balance.
• It strengthens the spirit.
• It disciplines the mind and allows for more positive and clear thinking, increased discernment and improved decision making.
• It helps improve relationships and communication with others.
• It even offers protection from so called negative energies.

In cities people often claim to be very busy and their lifestyles at best allow them no time to fit anything else in. Paradoxically, by taking a few minutes of the day to do Agnihotra, one can even gain time as thinking processes become clearer, the mind naturally becomes more disciplined and one is able to make a wiser and more efficient use of time.

Photos above and below: Agnihotra meetings in the city – Lima, Peru, KraKow, Poland and Baltimore, USA.
Also, more and more people are finding that incorporating a practice such as meditation, yoga or else has helped them to balance their very busy daily schedule. They can also benefit from practicing Agnihotra, as it can create a purified atmosphere which is essential to get the most benefits from their other practices. For instance, a person doing pranayamas (breathing exercises) today can´t benefit as much as a person used to do so say 20 years ago, because since then pollution has increased much. However, the same person can surely get the most benefits from his/her yoga practice by being in a purified atmosphere created by the performance of Agnihotra.

Now that you know some of the many benefits Agnihotra can bring to people who live in cities, stay tuned to find out the key to attain excellent results…(to be continued)

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