Meditation Practice

For meditation, it is better to sit in a pose with straight back and hands on knees. Neck straight. Breath has to become slowly slow.
First, a few deep breaths a few times, then normal breath.

Raise the eyebrows and still try to keep the eyes half open and focused on the tip of the nose.
As soon as you raise your eyebrows it has an effect on the subtle body.
As soon as you feel the strain, come back to normal.
That means eyebrows normal and eyes closed.
Then again raise the eyebrows and try to look on the tip of your nose.
One type of practice is, as you breathe in, imagine something like the mind being pushed up the spine, up, up, up. This is just imagination.
And imagine a point where the Indian ladies have a dot – in the center of the forehead (not in the center of the eyebrows) – imagine a straight line going through that, this line going up. And somewhere in that center, as if you are observing something like an emptiness and just watch this emptiness with eyebrows raised.
When you feel a little strain just come back to normal eyebrows.
With this practice, instead of having a thousand thoughts, it will be hundreds. Let them just come and go, come and go.
In the background do mentally the Mantra all the time, mentally. Then you will lose the sense of time. You will not know how much time you have been sitting. A little detachment from I am the body consciousness. Raising the eyebrows helps.
Later on with some practice you begin to hear some internal sounds. Then you can try to put your mind on those sounds. If you hear them or if you don’t hear them, it doesn’t matter.

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