Accidents are Created to Keep You on the Right Path

             Lord Krishna asked one of His devotees to ask for any boon and he would grant it. The lady who was a wise person replied "Lord, always keep me in misery so that I will be remembering you all the time".
Any pain or misery comes to our lot, we should consider as coming to teach us some lesson. Sometimes it so happens that for you to make further spiritual progress Divine sends misery as an agent to keep our attention, concentration on the Divine Path. It is Grace operating. When your heart yearns for liberation from the bondage of Karma your intellect is still in the grooves of old habits. The Divine arranges circumstances which help you get out of the clutches of intellect. Accidents, buffets of Fate are created to keep you on the right path.
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Resonance Point in Ottawa, Canada

Richard Powers writes from Madison, VA, USA.
Ana Karyn Garcia of the Bioenergetics Institute in Ottawa, Canada invited me to come and talk about Homa Therapy Farming and to establish a Resonance Point or two.

Several times I witnessed that my trip was totally in the hands of Shree. Halfway to the airport, we stopped for gas. At the pump I realized I had forgotten the key to the gas cap on my truck. After vainly attempting for ten minutes to pick the lock, I went inside and asked the clerk and a couple of customers if anyone knew how to pick a gas cap lock. The lady clerk told me to push in on the cap really hard and turn. Lo and behold, it worked and we were able to continue our drive to Dulles International, outside Washington, DC. Continue reading “Resonance Point in Ottawa, Canada”

Making the Fire the Center of Your Life

I was in the health food store and a gentleman came up to me and said, “I would like to show you something. May I come to your home?” His name was Kibwe Bey and he did come one evening, sat down on the living room floor and proceeded to make a smoky little fire. I fell in love with the fragrance immediately and so began my Homa-centered life. This was 32 years ago in 1976. Continue reading “Making the Fire the Center of Your Life”

Trip to Accra, Ghana

Dr Henry Gregory writes from Baltimore, MD, USA.
On May 15th, Jannette and I went to Accra, Ghana in West Africa for a dual purpose trip. I had been commissioned by an agency that I work with to train young psychologists in Accra, and as representatives of the Baltimore Homa Community we were to connect with Agnihotra practitioners in Ghana and identify a site for a Homa farm.

Our host for the trip was Nii Ada Boafu, a longtime Agnihotri and special assistant to the President of Ghana. Nii coordinated our efforts and provided all transportation. He arranged for us to stay at the home of Judy Menyah, an Agnihotri who lives in an area of Accra called Nima with her extended family. Continue reading “Trip to Accra, Ghana”