What is HHOOF? HHOOF is an acronym for Homa Helpers On Organic Farms. This is a spin-off of Willing Workers On Organic Farms, an organization that links volunteers to organic farm hosts. Volunteers work in exchange for room and board and the opportunity to experience farm life. A Homa farm is a very specific type of farm that incorporates Vedic healing fires, vegetarian diet and ahimsa (non-violence) practices that create a unique experience for the volunteer. They blend the physical, social and spiritual worlds into one interconnected happening.

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Let the Situations in the World Come and Go

                Let the situations in the world come and go. You do not allow yourself to fall victim to disturbance. In this world you will always have to face conflict, stress, uncertainty, and resultant confusion. If you do not utilize the tools given, you will become entangled in a web of confusion. But if you intensify your meditations, practice repeating Mantra, or Holy Name, you will rise above all these problems with ease. With ease.

                    Free yourself from the bondage of attachment.

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Agnihotra in Village Church, Parroquia de Molleturo, Pueblo Estero Piedra, Ecuador

Father Manuel Maite and a group of Homa volunteers came from Guayaquil to share and increase their strength in Agnihotra healing fires with parishioners in the parish of Parroquia de Molleturo, Pueblo Estero Piedra.

We also heard testimonies of people who had previously participated in the Homa fires and found relief and healing of their problems.
The village church was the venue for this meeting with the harmony and light in all of us.

On Fear and Faith

“Faith is to believe in what we do not see, and the reward is to see what we believe.” So said St. Augustine long ago and as I have not come across a more succinct, direct formulation, I continue to quote this.
If fear is sometimes acronymed to ‘false expectations appearing real,’ then perhaps we can call faith something like, ‘full and intimate trust in Him.’
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