Agnihotra in Armenia, Quindio, Colombia, South America

From Armenia, Quindio, Colombia we received the following letter with wonderful news:
“In Armenia, things are going very well. In the ‘Botica de la Abuela’, we are increasing the Homa fires: Madre Dora does Agnihotra in the morning which is followed by 4 hours of Tryambakam, which is supported by everyone. Each person does half an hour. At sunset, the Agnihotra pyramids are lit in the different work places (kitchen, shop, meeting room, yoga hall) and simultaneously we sing the Agnihotra Mantra.

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Resonance Point in Puerto Rico

On August 11, 2011 my son Matt and I took off for Puerto Rico, to be joined later by Dr Henry Gregory of the Baltimore Homa Community.

We had been invited to give some talks on Homa Therapy and to set up a Resonance Point at a bed and breakfast called Casa Picaflores, in the rainforest.

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Agnihotra at ADHAR Orphanage, Kanabargi Village near Belgaum, Karnataka, India

I am pleased to inform you that we demonstrated and started Agnihotra at ADHAR Orphanage, at Kanabargi Village near Belgaum.

This particular institution was started by a young philanthropist, Mr. Mahesh Jadhav, one year ago. The specialty of this orphanage is that the orphans are of HIV affected parents. Starting with 6 kids the total inmates today are 43. This NGO does not receive any help from the government and is totally supported by the charity from people in the society.

I am sure that the holy fire will bless the unprivileged inmates with good health & help to dispel darkness from their life.

More information about this organization is available on

Be More Careful of Diet

          Cooked food as well as raw, in his case, he has to have both at this time. Later on, more and more raw food. He needs to reduce intake of any mood changing substances – caffeine, sugar etc. Greatly reduce sugars. No coffee at all. Then 1 or 2 cups of tea a day is ideal. Reduce amount of sugar in diet. System will become more balanced, less acidic. Otherwise these mood swings just rule you.

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“The Good Shepherd” Homa Medical Centre, Guayaquil, Ecuador

In the Homa Medical Center “The Good Shepherd” one feels the love of a true family.

Eng. Olga, Dr. Montufar’s wife, participates in the Homa fires as often as possible. She is like a mother to the patients. She embraces everyone with an open heart and shares her joy with them. (Photo below with her husband). Also, whenever possible, previous patients come at Agnihotra time and enjoy the company of the Homa family. Many lasting friendships are being created here in this atmosphere of support and service.

News from Argentina

Mrs. Ana Maria Cornejo and Mr. Claudio Musella write from La Plata, Argentina:

“It’s a joy to know that, even living far apart, we are united in this beautiful Homa, which is so comforting.

We have been practicing Homa Therapy over the past year in our home with anybody who wished to experience it. We have also gone to the home of friends, who asked us to come, and we have practiced it in retreats with large groups of beautiful people. We enclose some photos of the group meetings. It is an honor for us to belong to this great Homa family!”

Homa Therapy Program in Buğday Denerği (Wheat Association) Istanbul, Turkey

Buğday Derneği (Wheat Association) invited us for a Homa Therapy presentation on Radioactivity.

The program started with evening Agnihotra and ended with question and answer session. Thanks to Gunnur and Tugay who provided their place for the meeting. Also thanks to the Bugday Dernegi team who is doing such great work in Turkey for the health food market sector, the preservation of culture and creating public awareness how important it is to preserve nature.

Radio Interview on Agnihotra in Istanbul, Turkey

We gave an interview at Acik Radio in Istanbul, Turkey with Mrs.Melda Keskin (English and Turkish).

After the program we attended a speech by John Perkins who spoke about the importance to change the world in terms of prosperity for all the people. Food and shelter and health care shall not be a privilege to a few. Compassion, love and global oneness were also addressed.