Be More Careful of Diet

          Cooked food as well as raw, in his case, he has to have both at this time. Later on, more and more raw food. He needs to reduce intake of any mood changing substances – caffeine, sugar etc. Greatly reduce sugars. No coffee at all. Then 1 or 2 cups of tea a day is ideal. Reduce amount of sugar in diet. System will become more balanced, less acidic. Otherwise these mood swings just rule you.

With all the energies of the world bombarding us all the time, one need not add more stress to oneself, isn’t it? So try to be more careful of diet.

             You can use what people say about you as a mirror. If you find selfishness, there are specific steps to take to combat it. One is DAAN. Another is always think of others. Then these 5 A.M. Mantras are very helpful. Do them vigorously, not in a whisper. THEN IN YAJNYA GIVE HIM YOUR SELFISH THOUGHTS. Let them go into the fire.

             Take heart. Be strong. You can be strong. Much of your depression you bring on yourself. You let yourself fall back too easily. When you wake up do your work. Do not neglect your duties and more will come soon.

            Adhere to all disciplines and intensified SADHANA (spiritual practice) quickly can bring you into that state. More intense meditations, songs and concentration on Mantra.

           See how this AGNIHOTRA fire is spreading all over with little planning or preparation. It is all Grace.

             No more sorrow
             No more suffering
             No more judgment

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