Agnihotra gathering on 26 September at Woodham, UK

We hosted another Agnihotra gathering on 26 September at Woodham near Woking in Surrey. We meet regularly around the solstices and equinoxes in my small Agni Shala in the garden where I do Agnihotra.

From right: Marilyn, Christine, Jimena, Rupert (first Agnihotra fire), Margaret, Gricel and Mark. Photo taken by Sharon.

Life Goals

            One has to develop in life goals for oneself. You can have short -term and long-term goals. Then it is good to keep these goals in mind when making decisions in life. Your goals are your choice. But it is important to examine them and perhaps to outline a plan for achieving them. Always keep in mind that there are more choices available to you than appear at any given time. Keep good company.

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