Somayag 2009 – Planetary Healing Event in Maheshwar Goshala, India

Again many visitors from around the world and from India attended this year’s Somayag. It was a mixture of languages, colors, tastes, forms of being, etc. but above all, there was the feeling of having come together to share the PEACE and LOVE emanating from these Ancient Holy Fires, to seek UNITY behind the cultural and historical differences and to UNITE all our forces and strength in the name of Mother Earth, who is in dire need of healing.

Agnihotra in Sweden

Margaret More from UK writes:
“Looking through my photos I would like to share this picture from a weekend teaching fire at the invitation of keen Agnihotri Maria Rosenlind who lives near Eksjoe in Sweden. It shows the happy faces at the group’s first Agnihotra fire. Much love, Margaret”

Light will be Given to the Planet from the River Narmada.

                  Light will be given to the planet from the River Narmada. There is a song of the Narmada. The power will generate the SOUND CURRENT which will send healing throughout the planet Earth.

                 All of you, this is a call for UNITY, unity in thought, word and action. Unity in every aspect of life now. Let your words be humble and revealing. Let your voices all come together and be heard. Music is the tool to reach the young people. Focus energies not only on your close circles of friends, but on the greater whole. And the children, do not forget them. They carry the seeds of Divine Spirit with them.

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