Maria Magdalena’s MiniYoga for Children – Part 5

Maria Magdalena Bernales


Based on the program,
“Yoga and Meditation for Children”
created by Fran Rosen and Bonnie Maltby.

Hello everybody, Happy September! A very warm greeting to all of you, hoping that everything is ok, in peace and harmony.

In this opportunity, we are going to separate in two parts the last concept of the Fivefold Path, to make it easier to present it to children. We will talk about “Ecology”. We will begin to review some ideas on how we can cooperate from our homes, through little contributions that add together, we can all make a difference.

We encourage each one of you to contribute from your homes and together we can make the change, so necessary for our beloved Planet Earth.

With great enthusiasm and commitment,
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Be Honest with Yourselves

Be honest with yourselves and look at big, important issues in your lives that heretofore have not been properly addressed. Then greater transformation evolves.

It is important now for your son to learn Fivefold Path principles and these concepts in daily life. Not that you have to sit down with him and teach him but that your life reflect these teachings. He should learn to share with others, and he can sit for meditation timings when he wants. Never force him to sit, but if he chooses to sit, then he should be quiet. You can do Yoga with him in the mornings.

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