Be Honest with Yourselves

Be honest with yourselves and look at big, important issues in your lives that heretofore have not been properly addressed. Then greater transformation evolves.

It is important now for your son to learn Fivefold Path principles and these concepts in daily life. Not that you have to sit down with him and teach him but that your life reflect these teachings. He should learn to share with others, and he can sit for meditation timings when he wants. Never force him to sit, but if he chooses to sit, then he should be quiet. You can do Yoga with him in the mornings.

Take care not to shout at your child. When you want to discipline him, do it in a quiet voice. He will see that you are firm but he will not have sharp reaction to a quiet manner of speaking. If you yell at him, he will yell back at you.

Your everyday can be filled with joy. Where is the necessity for inflicting pain on yourself? Anger is inflicting pain. It is unjust to yourself as well as to others. Some days may be better than others, but that anger need never be there.

August 29, 2020 Shree Vasant
(received via Parvati during a Healing)

Entire planet is in an uproar, a state of fragility and chaos everywhere. These are the times We have prepared all of you for. These unthought of, unimaginable circumstances are now upon this Earth.

Let Us begin by saying one thing: Do not lose hope. Do not become riddled with the fear that is in the air. That fear is designed to bring everyone down. However, those of you who know what is happening can fortify yourselves with all the tools We have given over these many years to you.

Agnihotra in every home should be the vision. Of course, you are not going to go door to door handing out pyramids. This We know. But it is important to lead your lives with the fire.

The peace that emanates from the fire will provide the healing of the soul.

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