Karmé Holistic Wellness Center, Baltimore, MD, USA

Through the inspiration of Shree Vasant, the Karmé Holistic Wellness Center officially opened on May 17th, 2008. Located at the Homa Resonance Point in Baltimore, on Ann and Tom Couto’s property, this charming 19th century carriage house has been fully renovated.

Karmé (which is Tibetan for ‘to be in Service’) is a beautifully appointed Wellness Center with two treatment rooms, a luxurious bathroom with a sunken tub for healing bath treatments, and a heavenly bedroom overlooking trees, for overnight or extended stays. Continue reading “Karmé Holistic Wellness Center, Baltimore, MD, USA”

A New Age is Dawning

              A NEW AGE IS DAWNING. IT IS THE BEGINNING OF A WORLD FULL OF PEACE AND BLISS. But first all the obstructions should be removed.

            Suffering is not necessary. Where is it told in any of the literature, in any of Shree’s Commandments, any of these Fivefold Path teachings, that man and woman must suffer? That they do suffer has been observed, but the opposite is taught –THAT THEY NEED NOT SUFFER.

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