A New Age is Dawning

              A NEW AGE IS DAWNING. IT IS THE BEGINNING OF A WORLD FULL OF PEACE AND BLISS. But first all the obstructions should be removed.

            Suffering is not necessary. Where is it told in any of the literature, in any of Shree’s Commandments, any of these Fivefold Path teachings, that man and woman must suffer? That they do suffer has been observed, but the opposite is taught –THAT THEY NEED NOT SUFFER.

                A person also passes through many stages on the spiritual path. These may include difficulties, loss and ‘soul searching’. This is like weeding the garden. Only the strongest plants will survive.

Man is made in the image of Thy Father.
It is our free will that makes the difference.
It is Yajnya fire which cleanses the mind. Agnihotra is the basic Yajnya tuned to the bio-rhythm of sunrise/sunset. Yajnya is the science of purification of the atmosphere through the agency of fire.
It is a clear mind that gives us the ability to distinguish the difference between right and wrong.
It is the disciplines which give us the will to exercise our free will properly.
Then it is only do the healing pyramid fire; do the disciplines; do the Mantra. Follow the Fivefold Path. Then joy is your constant companion.

When you look at the composition of matter, when you reduce anything down to its basic form everything is the same. It is ONE. The only thing that makes things appear differently, manifest differently, is the law of Karma. Humans are the only manifestations of ONE — human meaning that existence, that higher intelligence which is SOUL — which can transcend the Laws of Karma. This means that man is “made in the image of the Father.” “I and my Father are ONE.”

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