Pressure from Other Planets is Great Now

            The pressure from other planets is great now. So all of you must focus on meditation and Yajnya. Do Yajnya wherever you go. Move with the fire in all humility as Grace is being given for this work.

           In all Fire Temples medicines should be readily available.

               We are living in a very difficult world. There is much pressure and strain from every direction. Everyone is searching for cures for this and that. Let us not be shy. Go forward with Agnihotra.

            Concentrate on ingoing/outgoing breath. Take a few deep breaths. Push the mind towards CHIDAKASH, i.e., away from the sense organs. Then attachment to material things is reduced.

Master Shree Vasant Paranjpe
visiting the Pyrenees (Spain) in 1993

Man is all the time driven by desires. Any amount of sense gratification is not able to quench the desires and the thirst for desires. Mind which is in the grip of desires, hankering after gratification through sense organs, has to be turned inwards with constant effort and then pushed to CHIDAKASH. Breath and Prana is the modus operandi.

When mind gets concentrated on breath it becomes easier to ease the attachment to material things. With more practice of this meditation the consciousness about body, mind and intellect withers away.

While moving in the world of matter we come across various situations. This leads to conflict. However, with some training, we can train ourselves to remain unruffled. Accept whatever situation confronts you. Never complain or be sad. This is how you recognize that the attachment to the body is withering away. This is the beginning of the ladder which leads to soul vision.

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