Purify and Simplify Your Life

         Concentrate on being pure of thought, word and deed. Purify and simplify your life. Learn to think of others and less of yourself. Less and less and less. Then emotional problems, faults, inconsistencies, fears, bad habits, all disappear.

         If you begin thinking about the other person, you have no time to think of your own frailties. No doubt you should be aware of them but do not dwell on them. It has the same effect as the person who thinks he is perfect. He struts around the stage of life totally unaware of his effect on others and others’ needs. Still the same, if a person walks around thinking he is terrible, feeling depressed he has no time to listen to others’ problems. Same thing and the same effect. Think of others to get rid of your ego. Continue reading “Purify and Simplify Your Life”

Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya – A Centre of Light for Europe

Bhrugu Aranya is a blossoming International Ecovillage, the only one of its kind in Poland. Since 1995, Bhrugu Aranya has grown from a small organic farm into a holistic educational centre.

Here, in this unique atmosphere, people come to experience healing, meditation, organic gardening and unity with nature on a profound level.

This is an educational centre for learning about Homa Therapy & the ayurvedic fire practice of Agnihotra in an experiential way. Continue reading “Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya – A Centre of Light for Europe”