Begin the Process of Self-Healing

HOMA Therapy is a way one can begin the process of self-healing and assist people in breaking down barriers to success, good health and inner wisdom. We offer Homa Therapy to continue the process of self-healing. Thus power is given back to the individual and there is no dependency either on chemical drugs, therapists or expensive therapies. The person has the tools in hand to achieve self-healing through practice of ancient Vedic healing fires. Continue reading “Begin the Process of Self-Healing”

We Have Come for the Highest Mission on the Planet

Photo: Shree in front of an ancient Inca wall in Cusco (former "Palace of the Virgins.")

We have come for the Highest Mission on the planet. It is all the Divine Plan.
Many will come to the Fire now.
We have come for the holiest of times.
To the West. To the East. To the North. To the South.
In every direction there will be Fire. Healing Fires of Old.

We are entering a new phase of consciousness.

There is a great commotion as a great space shrinkage has been produced.

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