Begin the Process of Self-Healing

HOMA Therapy is a way one can begin the process of self-healing and assist people in breaking down barriers to success, good health and inner wisdom. We offer Homa Therapy to continue the process of self-healing. Thus power is given back to the individual and there is no dependency either on chemical drugs, therapists or expensive therapies. The person has the tools in hand to achieve self-healing through practice of ancient Vedic healing fires.
This is the New Era. It is the beginning. These are the seeds of the New Era we are planting.
If there is such a thing as the ‘midnight hour’, Earth is way past that, living on ‘borrowed time.’ We know it. It is not only ecological deterioration but disaster on a grand scale now. Whole forests are dying. Great waters are being poisoned. The heavens cannot hold more toxins. They rain down upon the earth.

It is our fervent prayer for this toxic rain to cease, for human beings to become aware of the deadly danger and begin the way to health and purity, harmony and healing.
We are all One in the eyes of the Divine. HOMA Therapy brings PEACE, BLISS AND PROSPERITY to all.
We are working with the power of a Lion, the might of the warrior and Grace of Divine.
Wherever these HOMA HEALING HOLY FIRES are performed Grace unfolds.
You heal the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere heals you.