Anita’s Suicide Attempt: Dr John Matlander Reports on Healing from Drinking Acid

Cuenca, Ecuador,
South America

Attempted Suicide

Dr John Matlander reports from Cuenca, Ecuador:

There was a native girl, Anita, from the mountains of northern Ecuador near the border with Colombia, who tried to commit suicide by drinking acid. It completely burned her stomach and also burned her lungs.

She was left for nine months in a bed in the Hospital “Vernasa” with a stomach probe (tube) and they gave her milk. Then they called me.

Photo: Dr John Matlander

I went to see the girl and said that we have to do all we can since there was not much time left. With her 12 years of age, she weighed 12 kilos; she was skin and bones, just a skeleton. The director of the hospital said that he needed the bed and that she should be sent home to die. But we asked him to give us one more month.

We prepared for the child a mixture of Agnihotra ash with spirulina at 50/50 and we injected this through the stomach probe.

The first month she recovered her eyesight, because she had been unable to see. The second month she began to gain weight and started to live again. She was able to get up from bed, take some steps and return to bed by herself.

After the fifth month, the girl recovered totally; she regained her weight. In the seventh month, she underwent reconstructive surgery of the esophagus and her digestive system became fully functional. Now she is a healthy girl.

In this period of six months the Director of the hospital said, that if he had not seen this, he would not believe it.