Agnihotra Australasia Newsletter – March 2011

Homa Therapy presentation in Malaysia
Frits and Lee presenting Homa Organic Farming at the Agri-Business Conference

Homa Therapy Teaching Tours to Malaysia 2009/2010

At the invitation of Mr Alan Yong and Mr Wong, 3 successful Agnihotra/Homa Therapy Teaching tours have taken place in Malaysia with public talks organized in most major Cities and visits to various Organic farms.

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We Have to Train the Mind

             Working on oneself is an ongoing process, but not all done on a conscious level. The idea of “learning to love oneself” and care and nurture one’s own needs is quite healthy. But again, much can be accomplished in this direction by increasing one’s awareness and strengthening one’s devotion. Through service to others, for example, one learns to love oneself as he loves others. Of course, the reverse is true. Continue reading “We Have to Train the Mind”

Experiences with Agnihotra in India

Dilip Patil writes from India:
I have so many experiences with Agnihotra and its healing ash. My father was 67 years old when he had an accident while traveling on a motorbike and he broke his leg. The leg was also swollen. He went to several doctors and took medicines for 6 to 7 months. He did not feel any improvement with their treatment. So I told him to perform Agnihotra, take Agnihotra ash orally and apply Agnihotra ash with ghee. Finally he decided to do it. Within 3 days the problem was solved and he started to walk easily. Continue reading “Experiences with Agnihotra in India”